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Reading Into the New Year

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reading Into the New year

Kristen over at Bookworming in the 21st Century is hosting an event on New Year's Eve for us non-party-animal readers. This is how she explains it:

"Reading into the New Year!! Whether you start five minutes before midnight or hours before, you can join me in Reading into the New Year. If you have kids, you can even involve them by reading them a picture book or having the family join you. The point is to read as it turns from 2009 to 2010. Whether it's just a half hour or 5 hours.

Since I'm a librarian I'm always looking for ways to promote reading and thought this was a fun idea for those of us that stay home on New Years Eve."

I have to work that night, but--I know I'm going to regret writing this--I usually have plenty of time to read at work, so I'm going to try to participate in this one. If you'd like to participate, you can sign up on Kristen's site. She's hinting that there might be book prizes involved...

I'd love to know if you're participating also! What do you think?


  1. Oh I miss my jobs where I could actually read. It's funny that as a librarian I have little time to read on the job. I'm mostly working to get books into kids' hands even during my lunch break. Glad you'll be joining me! It's going to be fun! :)

  2. That's one of the reasons I've stayed at this job as long as I have. But you get to choose books for the library--maybe?--and I'm at the mercy of my librarians' tastes, which are good but not great. And you get to influence little readers! How cool must that be?

    I look forward to reading into the New Year with you!

  3. This New Years read-a-thon sounds like fun. I'll have to see what we are planning first.

  4. Yes, I'm trying not to simply buy good fantasy books.. because we are LACKING. The last librarian hated fantasy and removed HP!!! So now we only have 4,6,7 in that series. *sigh*

  5. Removed HP?!?!? Just because she hated something doesn't mean that she should remove something from the shelves! I guess it would be hard to be balanced with books you like and don't like though.

    Diane, if you don't have plans, you should join us!


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