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Friday, January 15, 2010

My name is Jennifer (Jen is fine) and I'm a reader, simple as that. Give me a good book with a good story and characters I like and I'm happy. I started my blog in November 2009, but I've been posting reviews on GoodReads since April 2007.  I chose to start my blog because it looked like fun, I wanted to connect with other readers whom I might not find on GoodReads, and I wanted to share my reviews with a slightly different audience.

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The personal stuff: I'm a 39-year-old woman who works in health care. I've been married to my soul mate, Luis, since 2004. We love to travel and don't have kids or pets. I'm shy (if the name of my blog didn't clue you in to that!), but once I get to know you, I actually talk a lot and have a great sense of humor. I think.  :)

Find out more: If you want to know more about me, I've been interviewed on a few other blogs.
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What do I read? Really, just about anything at this point. My favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, Southern lit, general fiction, narrative non-fiction, some crime, and their young adult/middle grade counterparts. I listen to audio and I own a nook.

What don't I read? There are exceptions to all of these, but I don't read much science fiction; romance, either bodice-rippers or sweet love stories; and non-narrative non-fiction. I am also seldom in the mood for chick lit although I don't really have anything against it. Because I don't have children, I rarely read picture books or chapter books.

Why so many books on my currently reading shelf? I used to be a strictly one-book-at-a-time person. I was afraid I would get stories and characters mixed up. But after starting a new job that does not allow me time to read on the clock after 11 years of being allowed to read in my downtime, I was desperate to fit in more books. So this is what I normally have going on.
  1. The book I really want to read. This is the one I would be reading if I were still only reading one book at a time. I read it whenever I can: at lunch, on the couch, in the car while my husband's pumping gas...
  2. A non-fiction book just before bed. I accepted several non-fiction books for review in 2010 and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them. I wanted to continue reading them, so this is where I fit them in. I have to admit that I don't feel like I have to worry too much about falling into the just-one-more-chapter late work nights by reading non-fiction in bed!
  3. Audio books as I drive to work and around town. I had tried audio in the past but I couldn't ever get into it. I had somehow never tried them in the car though, and that has made all the difference. Now that I've caught the bug, it's amazing how quickly my 25-30 minute commute goes by when I'm listening to a good book!
  4. An ebook at the gym. I despise watching tv while working out. It just can't be good for my blood pressure to watch Bill O'Reilly while my heart rate's already up from exercise. Now that I've started reading an ebook as I work out, I actually find myself looking forward to stopping by so I can check in and see how the story's progressing along!
What's up with this emphasis on the South? I host the Southern Literature Challenge for a reason. I'll try not to get up on my soap box here. Briefly, I noticed that authors from the South rarely tour outside the South. We are born storytellers here. I want to use my small voice to help Southern authors spread the word about their books outside the South. Give them a try; I guarantee you'll find something you like. (Incidentally, the same can be said about Midwestern authors, but that will have to be someone else's fight.)

Book Ratings:  I rate books on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, including half stars.

Liked it
It was okay
Didn't like it
Really, really disliked it

Hated it so much I Did Not Finish it

Half stars obviously fall somewhere in between.

Book Sources:  Unless I state otherwise in my review, I either buy all my books, check them out from the library, or borrow them from my friends and family.

Copyright:  All content found on The Introverted Reader is copyright 2009-2018 unless otherwise stated. All other pictures, interviews, and guest posts are the property of their respective authors and artists unless otherwise stated.  If you would like to use something from my blog, please contact me via email.

Affiliate: I have an affiliate relationship with Malaprop's, my local independent bookstore located in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC; and Better World Books. I will receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase books through links on my site. My opinions are completely my own.

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