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Two More Awards!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Humane Award
I've recently received two more awards!  I got the Humane Award from Brianne's Book Reviews. You should check out her blog. I enjoy reading her reviews! If you are one of the bloggers below who has received this award, feel free to pass this on to more blogs that post lovely comments on your blog regularly and generally make your day brighter.

You should check out these blogs too! Some are new, some are established, but they're all awesome! Thanks for commenting so regularly!

Happy 101 Award
I got the Bliss (Happy 101) from Serpentine Librarian. For this award, I must list ten things that make me happy:

1. My husband (He's baking cookies for me now. How sweet is that?)
2. My family and friends (My mom just had a birthday and my dad's is today. Happy birthday!)
3. Great books
4. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets
5. Snowy days spent inside with my hubby, good food, good movies, and good books.
6. Summer days spent reading in the hammock built for two
7. Traveling to new places
8. The first flowers of spring (You don't know how ready I am to see those little guys peeking their heads above ground!)
9. That cookie dough is going to be making me awfully happy in a few minutes...
10. You guys!!!! Thanks for reading my blog, pointing me toward new books on your blogs, and sharing your thoughts with me!

Now to pass it along to some cupcake-sweet people:

More blogs to look at! I enjoy all of these, and I think you will too!

Thanks again to Brianne and Serpentine Librarian for passing these awards on to me!

Jennifer G.


  1. Jennifer - thank you so much for passing along this award to me! I really enjoy your blog too!

    Off to create my list of 10 things!

  2. Congrats Jen...well deserved and such wonderful things to be happy about.

  3. Oh my! Congratulations and thank you thank you! This is wonderful :)


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