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Where Are You (2) and Teaser Tuesday (6)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An adventure in reading asks where your reading has taken you this week.

Soulless has taken me to a Victorian London where vampires, werewolves and preternaturals live. Here's a picture from Wikimedia of the Houses of Parliament done in 1852 by Edmund Walker.

London Houses of Parliament

MizB of Should Be Reading would like a teaser from your read.

"Miss Tarabotti was not in the least surprised; soullessness always neutralized supernatural abilities. She issued the vampire a very dour look. Certainly, most daylight folk wouldn't peg her as anything less than a standard English prig, but had this man not even bothered to read the vampire's official abnormality roster for London and its greater environs?"

This is off to a great start!

Where has your reading taken you this week? Do you have a teaser to share?

Jennifer G.


  1. My reading this week has taken me to the future and space: Grimspace by Ann Aguirre. I read somewhere it's a book for fans of Firefly/Serenity. Good enough for me, and so far I'm enjoying it more than I expected to. I had started Soulless previously but other reading got in the way, even though I was definitely enjoying it.

  2. What a great teaser. I like how the text reads in that book.

  3. That's a great start all right. My kind of book.

    My teaser is here.

  4. ooh thanks for the pic. It's interesting to see how that looked so long ago. My teaser is here

  5. Nice one! :) I'm in between reads. I feel so lost when that happens.

  6. Fantastic teaser! Sounds like a great read. (actually both of them do)

    Here’s mine:

  7. Great teaser for a great novel! I am reading Iron King so I just had to use it for my teaser. Here is my blog where you can find it:

  8. Oooohh.. that's definitely a great teaser!!

  9. PolishOutlander--I've worked nights for the past 10 years and I'm woefully ignorant of tv shows, but even I've heard that Firefly was great. I hope you like your book!

    Juju--I hope you've picked up something by now! I feel panicky when I don't have a book that I'm reading!

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!
    Emma--The Iron King?!? I'm jealous! It looks so good!

  10. I'm reading Soulless myself and thoroughly enjoying it.


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