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Booking Through Thursday: Fool

Thursday, April 1, 2010

 Booking Through Thursday says
Since it’s April Fool’s Day, I toyed with different ideas of questions for today.

* Who’s your favorite “fool” of a character, and why?
* What authors have fooled you? By a trick plot twist? By making you think their book was any good when it wasn’t?
* What covers have fooled you into reading books you hated … even though the covers were wonderful?
* What’s the best April Fool’s Day trick you’ve ever seen/heard about/done?

Ultimately, I couldn’t pick … so choose the one you like best. Or answer all of them! Or make up your own.
My husband, Luis, probably pulled the best April Fool's Day trick I know of.  When we first started dating, we worked in the same department.  He got a blank schedule from our supervisor and filled it in, putting everybody on the wrong shifts and making sure that people who really disliked each other were scheduled together.  To make matters worse, our supervisor had actually been making noises about shaking us up like that.  Anyway, Luis made copies and put them in a few of our work mailboxes.  When I saw mine, I fell apart!  "I can't work with those two!  I'll be fired, because I'll be telling them exactly how lazy they are!  Especially when I'm cranky at 6:00 in the morning.  What is she thinking?!?  She knows I don't work days!"  And on and on.  He didn't let me stew too long before he clued me in.  Boy, was I mad!  It was a great trick, but it was horrible for my blood pressure!  He didn't do it to very many of us, but I think we all felt the same way.  He was lucky he didn't get hurt that day! 

What's the best April Fool's trick you've heard about?  Do you like April Fool's?  I don't.  I think I'm too gullible to enjoy it.

Jennifer G.

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