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Bloggiesta Finish Line

Monday, June 14, 2010


I had a busy weekend and so got started late on Bloggiesta.  I'm chronically late though, so there's no surprise there!  I started at about 3:30 Sunday morning!  In all, I probably did 12 hours of blog time.  I managed to accomplish more than I expected.  My crossed-off to-do list:
  • Move my blog to a custom domain
  • Upgrade my Mr. Linky account  (I cheated and did these first two Thursday night)
  • Write two pending reviews
  • Write debut post for a new feature 
  • Refine my review policy
  • Update my reviews by title
  • Update challenge progress
  • Create a reviews-by-author page
  • Create templates for my features and memes
  • I'm trying to cut back on the memes I do, so I need to decide which ones I want to keep and how often
  • Email my templates and graphics to myself, for those awful times when I'm blogging away from my own computer.
  • I've created a dropdown navigation bar.  I need to choose and fix the links I want to keep on it.
  • Check out my sidebars and see what I want to keep and what can be deleted or moved to a page.
  • Decide on a 200-follower giveaway
  • Catch up on my Google Reader
  • Check out mini-challenges and participate in those 
I also scheduled one other post, finished my current read, got it reviewed and scheduled, and found out that I've completed two more of my challenges!   Those were nice bonuses!

The mini-challenges I took part in:

Write your blogging to-do list at 2010 Blog Improvement Project. I need to go back and look at their links better, but my short-term goal was fixing up my navbar (Done!) and my long-term goal was working on balancing the blogging, reading, real-life stuff. I actually feel like I did a little better with that this weekend. Instead of frantically Bloggiesta-ing, I got a lot done around the house and spent my husband's short weekend off with him. That's the truly important stuff.

I refined my review policy following guidelines posted at Girls Gone Reading. I had already refined once this weekend, but she had some great ideas that I decided to add in.

I checked to make sure my RSS feed was all it should be following instructions at Puss Reboots. I'm in good shape, but it's nice to know that for sure!

I checked out the post about blog stats on There's A Book. I've already signed up for a couple of programs, but her post and links helped me to better understand what I'm looking at.

I didn't really get around to the last two challenges.  They were also great, but time just ran out for me. MotherReader encouraged us to do something on or with our blog that pushed us outside our comfort zones. Bonjour Cass encouraged us to comment on other blogs participating in Bloggiesta.

If you didn't have time to participate this weekend, I encourage you to look at these mini-challenge posts when you have time.  This is a great way to learn a lot about blogging.

Thanks to Maw Books and all the mini-challenge hosts!


  1. You did great! I need to post my finish line wrap up yet!

  2. Hi JG! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I've awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award! Click Here! :D

  3. Glad you were able to double check things with my RSS challenge. :)

  4. I'm lovin' the drop down menus on your tabs! Very cool. You got a ton of good stuff accomplished. As for catching up with your Google Reader - I've got a guest post on Florinda's blog coming up on Monday that would be perfect for you - check in then!

  5. Thanks, Becky!

    Thanks for letting me know, Bumbles! I'll be looking for it, because I need all the help I can get taming my Reader!


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