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Off-Topic: If You Like Music...

Friday, June 18, 2010

mxmsound header

My cousin, who is light-years cooler than I am, has started a music blog, mxmsound. He's an intelligent guy who always has interesting things to say, so if you're a music fan, go check it out and spread the word!
Who he's featured so far:

Amanda Blank
Gringo Star
Strong Arm Steady
While I'm promoting him, let me also point you to his online clothing store, Maximum City. From the "About" page:
Maximum City was founded with the intention of sharing our love of fashion, art and music with others. Based in Durham, North Carolina, we carry upstart, independent lines as well as established ones.  Our goal is to work with and promote both local and non-local small businesses in an effort to bring you unique, quality products. Each item featured on our site is hand-picked by us because we feel it reflects who we are and what our company is about.  In a culture of conformity, we like to think that we offer an alternative.

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