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Jane in June+Character Connection Giveaway Winners!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I carefully went back through all of the June Character Connection posts (and even my giveaway announcement) and entered all of the posts about Jane Austen characters into a spreadsheet. Using, I chose two winners and they are


and our very own gracious Jane in June hostess, 


Congratulations, ladies! Those multiple entries won it for you!

Check out their posts:

Jess spread the Pride & Prejudice love, writing about

Misty wrote about the major Jane Austen characters:

Thanks to everyone who participated! You all wrote great Character Connections. I loved reading them, and I hope everyone else did too!


  1. Thanks again so much, Jen! I'm still so excited to have won :)

  2. =D
    I actually have a post about the side characters too that got pushed because of my issues. (<-- ha!)
    I think I'm going to post it thursday anyway, rather than save it.


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