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Waiting on Wednesday: Once Upon a Week Edition

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Title:  Dust City
Author:  Robert Paul Weston
Publication Date:  November 25, 2010

Synopsis from the ARC:

In a city as mean as this, even a big bad wolf should be afraid.

And Henry Whelp is that Big Bad Wolf. Or will be, someday.  His dad is doing time for the double murder of Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, and everyone assumes crime is in Henry's blood. For years, he's kept a low profile in a Home for Wayward Wolves, just on the outskirts of Dust City--a gritty metropolis known for a black-market, mind-altering dust that's got its entire populations of foxes, ravens, and hominids hooked. But it's not just any dust the creatures of the underground are slinging. It's fairydust.

Then a murder at the Home forces Henry to seek the truth, and he begins to suspect his dad may have been framed. With a daring she-wolf named Fiona by his side, Henry escapes into the dark alleyways and cavernous tunnels of Dust City. There, he'll come face to snout with legendary mobster Skinner and his Water Nixie henchmen to discover what really happened to his father in the woods that infamous night...and the truth about fairydust.
So I'm cheating a little on this--I'm reading an ARC right now.  Based on what I've read so far, you should be waiting on it though!

Pre-order on IndieBound.

What are you waiting on this week?

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