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I'm on Vacation!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Alhambra in Granada.
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My husband, Luis, and I left Friday to go to (hopefully) sunny Spain for our 6th anniversary!  Or our 7th honeymoon, as my sister calls it.  I won't deny it!  I have never been before. My husband actually lived in Madrid when he was very young but he doesn't remember anything about it. We're planning to visit Madrid, Sevilla, and Granada. So exciting! Needless to say, if you try to contact me this week, you won't get an immediate answer. We'll be back on Sunday the 10th, but I don't know when I'll actually have time to get back online. I do have posts scheduled for the week, so you might not even notice that I'm gone!

Luis is looking forward to the food!
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by cyclonebill
I do hope to spend some time getting to know Jilly, my nook. I've had her almost six weeks and honestly haven't read anything on her yet. I've gotten behind on my review books so the fun ebooks had to wait. But I got it expressly for the purpose of lightening my luggage when I travel, so we're going to get some valuable face time over the next week.

And speaking of Jilly, I haven't shown you how dressed up she is now, have I? Check this out:

nook case
First I ordered her a pretty hardcover case from Casephile on Etsy. This is how it arrived.

nook case
This is the case. I love blue, so it's perfect for me!

nook case
I saw some cases on Etsy that had pockets and I really wanted some. I emailed Casephile and she was very accomodating! I have a pocket for a notebook for review notes, a pocket for business cards, and a loop to hold my pen! Perfect!  I highly recommend this shop.  I couldn't believe that I got this handmade case within days, and I'm very happy with the quality and the price!  (I am not receiving any sort of kick back.  I simply believe that if someone does a good job, I should spread the word about them.)

I hadn't even thought about a skin until Heather from Capricious Reader tweeted about the skin she got for her nook. Well, I can't leave anything just plain white, so I went shopping too! There are tons of beautiful skins on DecalGirl, but I went with a more literal approach and got this library skin. I love that I got to download a wallpaper that matches the skin!

This is the back view of the nook with the skin on.

It might not be to everyone's taste, but I'm very happy with everything!

I will miss you guys while I'm gone! Oh, and if you're participating in the Readathon on Saturday, good luck! I'll be out of touch, but I've signed up to read while I'm traveling. October 9th is our 6th anniversary, but we'll be traveling all day, so I will have plenty of time to read!  Here's my husband's contribution to the cheer team:

Pick up a book!
Read it front to back!
If you get a little tired,
Scarf down a snack!

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  1. Have fun and happy anniversary. Those cities are awesome. You will love Alhambra.

  2. Oh, your Nook sleeve is lovely. I'm also cracking up at your husband's contribution to the cheering.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you!

    I love the look of your Nook. See that a lot of people has eReader now. I seriously want one too. How I wish that they could ship it over to Malaysia!

  4. Have a fab time in Spain!!! I am sure Spain is a wonderful country and you'll get to see a lot, like Alhambra, wow.

    I love Jilly's look, so cool!

  5. Have a great trip and beautiful Nook pictures!
    Alayne - The Crowded Leaf

  6. Have a happy trip and anniversary!

    Ereaders are so handy when you're travelling! And I love the new look of your Nook.

  7. Happy anniversary and have a terrific time in Spain!

  8. :O there are skins for Nook too? Well, even though I can't buy an e-reader, I kind of made comparism between Nook and Kindle, and I though Nook looks better than Kindle! LOL

    Enjoy your vacation / 7th honeymoon! :D

  9. I like that skin a lot! I had been looking at it for a while now but am yet to buy it. Did you go for the glossy or matte finish?

    Have a splenderful vacation, Jen! Looking forward to updates and pictures!

  10. Have a great vacation! Spain is one of my favorite places to visit - the Alhambra is absolutely stunning.

  11. Hope you had a great time! I visited Spain my senior year in high school with other classmates: 5 cities, 10 days. This equaled to little sleep; most of it done on overnight trains. My favorite city by far was Granada. I hope you post some pictures. :) I would love to go back again and visit. What a great anniversary idea!


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