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New Shelves and My V-Day Goodies

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've finally decided that I need to do something to get my books more organized. That "something" obviously includes new shelves, but I'm also looking for a chaise to put in the bedroom for the reading nook I want. I can be very slow to make up my mind about these kinds of things, so I started small.

I'm happy with the way my living room looks. I think it's cozy and calm and inviting. However.

There's no room for a bookshelf. Well, not without starting to make things look too cluttered.  Unless you wander into my bedroom or office, you would have absolutely no idea that a reader lives in my house. Assuming that I haven't left a pile of review books laying in the floor somewhere. :-)

Anyway, I remembered coming across these "invisible" shelves on Barnes and Noble. I found them, still liked the look of them, and ordered them.

VoilĂ ! I love them! They're like art and bookshelves all in one! What do you think?

Living Room

Some of my very, very favorites. I decided that love counts more than beauty, so you notice the well-worn copies of Anne of Green Gables and To Kill a Mockingbird.

My signed books. I do have more, but I haven't read them yet, and my unread books all have to stay together. They might never get read if they got scattered around the house.

Near Favorites
Some near-favorites. You'll notice that the first book in a series sometimes has to stand in for the entire series. I love too many books to only display Harry Potter in my living room!

If you decide to get some of these shelves for yourself, be sure to order the small ones. I ordered the large ones first and they're really for coffee table books or textbooks. Not one of my novels would fit. Once I got that straightened out though, I was in love!

And I just have to show off my Valentine's Day goodies.

This was the first Valentine's Day that my husband and I have been together that he's been able to send me flowers to work, and he didn't disappoint! Aren't these gorgeous?!?

And he got me this beautiful heart necklace as well. I've got such a good man! Lucky me!

So, what do you think of all my pics? Got any Valentine's Day loot you want to show off to me?

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  1. Love the new bookshelves! They are super pretty. I could use more storage space myself.

    The flowers are so pretty! You're lucky :)

  2. I want those invisible shelves! Thank you for bringing them to my attention. I've been needing new shelves myself.

    My boyfriend bought me a plush toy that I've been wanting and chocolates. That is a very pretty necklace that your husband gave you!

  3. Congrats, I've awarded the Seven Facts Award to your blog.

  4. +JMJ+

    The invisible shelves look fantastic! I like the way you arrange your books in your living room to give a sense of yourself as a reader to all your guests. I'm sure both the shelves and the books make great conversations starters!

  5. I love the goodies that you got! Those invisible shelves look fantastic!


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