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Waiting on Wednesday: The Girl in the Blue Beret by Bobbie Ann Mason

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Girl in the Blue Beret
Title: The Girl in the Blue Beret
Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
Publication Date: June 28, 2011
Synopsis from Random House:
Inspired by the wartime experiences of her late father-in-law, award-winning author Bobbie Ann Mason has written an unforgettable novel about an American World War II pilot shot down in Occupied Europe.

When Marshall Stone returns to his crash site decades later, he finds himself drawn back in time to the brave people who helped him escape from the Nazis. He especially recalls one intrepid girl guide who risked her life to help him—the girl in the blue beret.

At twenty-three, Marshall Stone was a U.S. flyboy stationed in England. Headstrong and cocksure, he had nine exhilarating bombing raids under his belt when enemy fighters forced his B-17 to crash-land in a Belgian field near the border of France. The memories of what happened next—the frantic moments right after the fiery crash, the guilt of leaving his wounded crewmates and fleeing into the woods to escape German troops, the terror of being alone in a foreign country—all come rushing back when Marshall sets foot on that Belgian field again.

Marshall was saved only by the kindness of ordinary citizens who, as part of the Resistance, moved downed Allied airmen through clandestine, often outrageous routes (over the Pyrenees to Spain) to get them back to their bases in England. Even though Marshall shared a close bond with several of the Resistance members who risked their lives for him, after the war he did not look back. But now he wants to find them again—to thank them and renew their ties. Most of all, Marshall wants to find the courageous woman who guided him through Paris. She was a mere teenager at the time, one link in the underground line to freedom.

Marshall’s search becomes a wrenching odyssey of discovery that threatens to break his heart—and also sets him on a new course for the rest of his life. In his journey, he finds astonishing revelations about the people he knew during the war—none more electrifying and inspiring than the story of the girl in the blue beret.

Intimate and haunting, The Girl in the Blue Beret is a beautiful and affecting story of love and courage, war and redemption, and the startling promise of second chances.
I am a sucker for WWII books and this sounds like a winner!

What are you waiting on this week?

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  1. this sounds pretty heavy! I hope you enjoy it! I hope you will stop by and check out my pick and enter my contest! Thanks!

  2. This one sounds good. I just got finished reading "The Thing They Carry," which is set in the Vietnam War, thanks for the WOW today. I added this one to my to-read list. Here's mine:
    Happy reading!

  3. Actually this sounds amazing. I am very interested in reading what happens especially when he goes back to find the girl. Amazing pick!

  4. This is one I had been eying as well; nice pick.

  5. This one sounds great! I love stories set in this era...the emotions, the romance, all of it...I must check this one out.

    Here's MY WOW POST

  6. I'll definitely check this one out! Thanks for sharing. Here's my WOW Happy reading!

  7. In Country by Bobbie Ann Mason was an incredible read...when I saw her name on this post, I didn't even have to read the synopsis bc I knew I wanted to read it (I did read the synopsis, but I didn't have to ;)


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