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Character Connection: Lucía Álvarez

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Red Umbrella
Lucía Álvarez is the main character from The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez.

Through Lucía's eyes, we experience the terror of the Cuban Revolution and the uncertainty of making a new home in a new country away from your parents.

Lucía is the perfect protagonist for this story because there is something in her that most of us can relate to. She's not anyone particularly special. She's a teenage girl who is looking forward to her first dance, loves to watch movies and hang out with her friends, and I believe she tries to sneak makeup and nail polish past her mom. She loves looking at teen magazines and she has a crush on the cutest guy on the class. Her younger brother can be a huge pest. How many teen girls does that describe?

So when she is confronted with the Revolution and the changes in her friends, her reactions feel very real because we've connected with her. She's worried about her parents, who disagree with Castro. That's not a safe stance to take. She sees things start to go horribly wrong in her community and she sees neighbor turn against neighbor.

When she's alone with her brother in Nebraska later, she feels like such an outsider. She doesn't speak much English and she's worried about fitting in. She feels set apart by her accent. She also feels a little like her problems are bigger than her classmates. She's worried about whether her parents are still alive and they're still in the state of innocence where their biggest worry is who's going to ask them to the dance.

I just loved Lucía. She has such a story to tell and she's the perfect person to tell it. Go meet her for yourself and see if you don't relate to her as well.

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Character Connection
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  1. Putting what you like about a character into words is difficult, but rewarding. Fabulous meme idea. (working out the meme linky is also difficult before a second cup of tea)

  2. I really like the sound of this one, in fact I added it to my wishlist several months ago. Glad u enjoyed it.


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