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Review: Twice Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twice Upon a Marigold
3 Stars

Marigold and Christian are living out their happily ever after, but they aren't perfectly happy. Little spats and hurt feelings have started creeping in. Could Olympia's evil be influencing their lives? And what about the rumors of a woman who washed up in a village downstream not too long after their wedding? It can't be Olympia. Can it?

This was still cute, it just wasn't quite as cute as the first book. My biggest problem was just letting go and enjoying the story. As an adult, I had a problem with the way Olympia just came home and took charge. Not one person anywhere stood up to her. Really? I just couldn't let go of how soldiers who didn't like Olympia still raced to do her bidding.

Otherwise, I did like that "happily ever after" doesn't mean "perfectly happy ever after." Arguments creep into the best of relationships and you have to remember to appreciate each other. It's a good lesson for starry-eyed little girls.

Ed's mixed-up idioms were still entertaining, and I liked the addition of Sleeping Beauty's cousin, Lazy Susan. She has her own little message to teach. King Swithbert was an example of the consequences of idly standing by and not making a stand. Stan Lucasa on the other hand? I liked him, but his ending came out of nowhere!

Still recommended for fairy tale fans, but adults might not enjoy it as much as the younger set.

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