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Dragon*Con Parade 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I went to Atlanta over the weekend, primarily to attend the Decatur Book Festival (I intend to write about that later). My husband was an unbelievably good sport and went along with me for the second year in a row. When we went last year, we found out that Dragon*Con is the same weekend in downtown Atlanta. We thought about wandering down to check out what we could, but we didn't have a GPS then and we didn't want to get hopelessly lost.

We were better prepared this year.

GPS at hand, we ventured out to the Dragon*Con parade. It was the highlight of our weekend!

Among all the fabulous costumes (and they were all fabulous), I almost missed seeing my favorite costume of all. Don't ask me how he fit in at Dragon*Con. All I know is that the sheer unexpectedness made me laugh out loud.

Old Spice Man

Yes, ladies, that is the Old Spice Man. "I'm in a parade."

We were lucky to get a spot next to a kid in an awesome Yoda costume. Most of the participants noticed him and came over to talk to him, so my husband was able to get some great pictures.

My husband and I both loved these "Box Heroes."

Box Heroes

There was a group of people in the parade supporting a blood drive.  I was amused  to see that someone had modified their "blood drive" sign to read "vampire food drive."

I think my husband's very favorite costumes were what he called "The Haunted House People." He took a lot of pictures of these guys. They had an awesome float as well, but it was so big we couldn't get any great pictures of it.

Scary Crazy Guy

Scary Clown

The previous two guys scared the crap out of me. No, I can't watch scary movies. How did you know?

Another group that amused me was the periodic table.  Yup, that periodic table.  They came through chanting, "We.  Are. Everything!  We.  Are.  Everything!"  The science major buried within me loved it.

By this point in the parade, a very enthusiastic group of spectators had taken up residence next to us. I first noticed them when the TARDIS showed up. (I write that like I know what I'm talking about. I've only watched one episode of Dr. Who.)


They were making a TARDIS-y kind of noise. Then they were holding up the "Live Long and Prosper" fingers as the Trekkies marched through. Somehow they made Chewbacca noises at Chewbacca! I didn't know a human throat was capable of doing that.


A little HP for all my fellow fans out there!

I have added something new to my bucket list. Well, I now have an item to start a bucket list with. I want to be Drum Major of the Dragon*Con marching band! I was Drum Major in high school, so it's not that big a stretch. They livened things up a lot when they came through. So that will be my one complaint about the parade. They need more music! There was a drum line and a--break-dancing red Storm Trooper?--with his boom box, but the crowd got noticeably happier whenever any music started.


This is an awesome costume. Although I do have to admit that the "living statue" people have freaked me out a little ever since I read the story "Stilled Life" by Pat Cadigan.

There was just too much to see, much less describe, in this parade. Click through to my album on Photobucket if you want to see all the pictures.

There are a lot, but there were truly some amazing costumes.

Have you ever been to one of these conventions or a parade like this? What did you think? What was your favorite costume?


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  1. Great photos! I wasn't lucky enough to get a seat close to front, so all my photos are half full of the crowd. One note... the living statue costume you talk of, it is from Doctor Who as well... and let me tell you... it is one of THE MOST SCARY monsters in the 49 year history of that show!! It's called a Weeping Angel~


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