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I've Been Interviewed!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reading Roots

Carina at Reading Through Life has a weekly feature called Reading Roots. Here's how she describes it:
Posted weekly on Tuesdays, Reading Roots features a variety of book bloggers talking about their early reading influences and experiences, letting us catch a glimpse of the “roots” that each person has built upon in forming their identity as “a reader”.
Carina was kind enough to interview me, and my answers have been posted today! If you're curious about what made The Introvert a Reader, head on over and see what I had to say!

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  1. I loved this interview and the photo! Great questions. Wonderful answers!

    Reading the interviews is so much fun! I am learning so much about the book bloggers..

    Here is my post:

    BBAW 2011: Interview Swap

  2. I loved your answer about children. I think they need to see those they respect reading.

    When my 4 year old gets out books or asks to be read to I never say no. Also I let her choose what books she wants us to read.

    Great interview Jen


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