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Readers' Workouts

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hosted at Joy's Book Blog every Tuesday, Readers' Workouts gives us a chance to motivate each other and stay accountable to ourselves.

I still had quite a bit going on last week so I wasn't as physically active as I would have liked. I did interval running Wednesday and the elliptical machine on Friday for half an hour each. I had to miss Pilates on Thursday because of book club, but I looked around and found out that I can visit another gym on Tuesdays and get Pilates in that way when I need to. It's so nice to have options!  I decided that I wouldn't mind the heat on Monday after work and did more interval running.

For the coming week, I'm sure I'll have to mow with a push mower again and hopefully I'll get back into my regular routine. Wednesday is the only day that might be off, what with the holiday and all, but I'll try to push myself to get out and do something.

How have your workouts been this week?

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  1. Cool that you found an alternative Pilates class -- good options definitely make exercise work better.

    We're doing the holiday gathering on Saturday, so my Wednesday should be normal but I'm going to have to get creative to do something on Saturday.

    Joy's Book Blog


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