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Readers' Workouts

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hosted at Joy's Book Blog every Tuesday, Readers' Workouts gives us a chance to motivate each other and stay accountable to ourselves.

I was pretty good last week. I managed weight training on Tuesday, Pilates on Thursday, half an hour each on the elliptical and upright bike on Friday, and interval running on Monday. I'm going to count wandering around an amusement park multiple times in 100+ degree heat on Saturday as well. I know that's generally just considered "activity," but in my opinion, any movement in that kind of heat counts as exercise.

I had a substitute Pilates teacher on Thursday and she was awful.  My regular teacher takes things slow and does everything with us.  This lady was going so fast that I think she fit several weeks' worth of movement into one class!  I was just waiting for someone to tear something vital.  And then she stopped exercising to stand up and yell at us to "Push through it!"  I did not sign up for Pilates boot camp.  And I do not respect a teacher who isn't doing the same moves I am.  I'll be skipping if she subs again.

My downfall is fitting in exercise on my days off. I just stop off somewhere on my way home from work through the week, but I'm so busy either running around doing things or vegging out at the house that exercise falls by the wayside on my off days. Any suggestions for how to get myself moving on weekends and holidays?

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  1. Audiobooks! They really help get me out for a walk, and I bet they will help you too get out to walk/jog/run/skip/whatever. Good job on all the workouts!

  2. I used to take Pilates years ago and loved every second of it, but I can only imagine having a drill instructor for it. Ugh!

    I agree with Carin; I've switched to audiobooks instead of music, and it is has been a fantastic change for me!

  3. I hope your regular Pilates teacher is back this week!

    Is there something fun or productive you could do on your days off that would also count as exercise? Spread mulch, clean out the basement, take a walk in the park or go for a bike ride?

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