Google+ The Introverted Reader: Review Link-Ups for the 2016 Books in Translation Reading Challenge

Review Link-Ups for the 2016 Books in Translation Reading Challenge

Monday, January 4, 2016

Please link your reviews for the 2016 Books in Translation Reading Challenge here. Looking for the "rules" or the sign up page? Click here or click on the button.

I'll track my progress here. I'm aiming for the Beginner level.

Please link to your review and not your blog home page. My suggested format is the title of your blog and then the title of the book in parentheses.

Example: The Introverted Reader (War and Peace)

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  1. Sorry. Tried deleting the first one and it appeared to go but now I see two entries with only the minor formatting change.
    In other news, the first book I finished reading of the year was this translation of Japanese love poetry.

    1. #11 and #12. Well, that's it. I certainly hope to read several more books in translation though and wish there were one or two more levels. Cheers and thanks for hosting!

  2. It's corrected now. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Sorry for #14 without book title. I re-entered my review link with book title as #15. Please delete #14 - thanks.

  4. I completed the challenge! I'm actually at 13, and I have read other books in translation, but have no reviewed them yet. I will keep adding them to the linky when I publish them. I need a higher level next year, lol. Thanks for hosting

  5. How do you feel about partially read books? I'm not fluent in Croatian and I found something that looked interesting on bookdepository, only to realize it's a book about "intelligent design", by that Raël guy... it looked like sci-fi haha.
    I read some parts (in total around 50 pages) out of curiosity and because I was annoyed that I had accidentally bought such a book (it can be downloaded as a free PDF too). But this kinda shows what kind of adventures you can have with books in translation, right? :D

    1. I'll leave that up to you. I think you get big points for attempting it!

  6. I've completed the challenge! (linguist level)
    definitely hoping to read at least one more book in translation, maybe more.
    Note that I started 6 of the books in 2013-2015 :D And I still have lots of translated books in progress!


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